Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number

Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number


Visa status is critical for both residents and visitors in the UAE. Establishing regulatory compliance and an excellent legal position are important this post will provide you complete instructions for “Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number,” including a step-by-step explanation of how to check visa status in the UAE both online and offline.

Online ways for “Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number” for Visit and Employment Visas.

The UAE government provides various convenient online methods for individuals to check their Visit Visa and Employment Visa status, ensuring they can “Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number.” Among these methods, the most significant one involves the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship customs and port security.

ICA UAE Visit Visa and Employment Status with Passport Number

For those who prefer online methods, the procedures for checking UAE Visit Visa and Employment Visa statuses similar are the same. Checking ICA UAE visa status with a passport number is straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the official government website using the following link(

2. Click on “Search by Passport Information.”

Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number

3. Choose “Visa.” for Visit Visa and for Employment Choose “Residency”

4. Enter the passport number and date of expiration.

5. Select nationality.

6. Then Click on “I’m not a robot” to complete the verification process.

7. Click “Search,” and your visa status will display on the screen.

Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number

GDRFA Dubai App for Visa Status Confirmation

Alternatively, the GDRFA Dubai app offers a hassle-free method to confirm your visa expiry date. Here’s a simple guide:

1. Download the GDRFA Dubai app on your mobile.

2. Select “Entry Permit / Residence Status.”

3. Choose “Residence Inquiry.”

4. Enter the visa code, first name, nationality, and date of birth.

5. Click on “Inquiry,” and if the information is correct, a green tick will appear along with your visa details.

Checking UAE Visa Status Offline

Not a fan of using the internet? No problem! You can check your UAE visa status without going online. Here’s how:

1. Give 600-522-222 a ring to find out about your UAE visa status using your passport number.

2. If your visa is for Dubai, hit up Amer Centre at 800-5111.

3. If you are outside the UAE and want assistance, please call the international number +971-4-313-9999.

A lot of individuals in the UAE question how to “Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number”. Don’t worry, this post is providing you with a choice of options, both online and offline, to help you perform this service successfully.

Your Questions and Answers Regarding “Check UAE Visa Status by Using Passport Number” (FAQ)

On-going inspections guarantee that legislation is followed and that no legal problems develop. It is necessary to be updated about any changes in your visa status in order to avoid accidental crimes that might result in legal penalties.

The majority of online services are free, making checking your visa status both quick and cost-effective. However, it is best to keep updated about any future revisions that may include costs. Always check for the most recent information to prevent surprises.

Absolutely the GDRFA of Dubai app is intended to work with an extensive variety of mobile devices. Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can quickly download and begin using the app to check your visa status while on the road. This versatility increases customer accessibility and convenience.

If you have any concerns regarding your visa status, respond quickly. Contact the relevant authorities right away to address and resolve any anomalies or concerns. Timely involvement with the relevant channels allows for a faster resolution and increases the legality of your stay in the UAE.


The answer is no there are no limitations on how many times you may check your visa status every single day. Feel free to check as frequently you need to for peace of mind. This flexibility empowers individuals to stay updated on their visa status, fostering a sense of security and confidence during their stay in the UAE.


In conclusion, regularly monitoring your UAE visa status is vital for residents and visitors. Utilizing the online and offline methods outlined in this guide ensures you stay informed about your visa’s validity, promoting a hassle-free stay in the UAE. Consistent checks empower individuals to address potential issues proactively, reinforcing compliance with regulations and the legal foundation of their presence. Embracing this practice reflects a responsible approach towards visa management, enhancing the overall experience of residing or visiting the UAE. Stay informed, stay compliant, and enjoy a seamless stay in this welcoming nation.

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