UAE Unemployment Insurance

UAE Unemployment Insurance

Guide for how to Register “UAE Unemployment Insurance”.


The “UAE Unemployment Insurance” Scheme provides a reassuring safety net in times of job loss by offering assistance through a unique social security program. Designed to give financial support to persons suffering unemployment as a result of company termination, the program stresses a personal touch by forcing employees to contribute through a monthly insurance contribution. As we go more into the technicalities of this program, such as registration criteria and the use of your passport number, examine how it acts as a beacon of financial and social security in today’s volatile work market.

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Understanding the Framework of the “UAE Unemployment Insurance” Scheme

The “UAE Unemployment Insurance” Scheme extends financial support to individuals facing job loss resulting from employer termination. It offers a safety net through a social security program in which members pay monthly insurance fees. Covering workers in private and federal sectors, exceptions include specific categories like investors and domestic workers. Subscription costs vary based on the worker’s salary, and registration is possible through the official website or mobile app, using the passport number for secure verification. This scheme ensures financial and social security during unexpected career challenges.

Scope of the “UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme”

This scheme broadly covers workers in the private and federal sectors, with a few exceptions. Those exempted include investors, business owners managing their enterprises, domestic workers, temporary employees, juveniles under 18, and retirees receiving pensions from a new employer.

Subscription Costs of “UAE Unemployment Insurance” Scheme

Subscription costs are determined by the worker’s basic salary. Individuals earning AED 16,000 or less pay a monthly premium of AED 5, totaling AED 60 per year. Higher earnings with a basic income of more above AED 16,000 pay AED 10 per month, or AED 120 per year. Subscribers can pay their premiums monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Additional advantages beyond the basic package can be subscribed to in collaboration with the insurance provider.

Registering Online for “UAE Unemployment Insurance” Scheme

1. Visit the official website – – and click on ‘Subscribe.’

2. Choose ‘Individual’ and specify whether you are a private or federal government employee.

3. Sign in using your Emirates ID or UID Number, enter your mobile number for a one-time password (OTP), and tap ‘Request OTP.’

4. After entering the OTP, review your dashboard, confirm personal details, and select your ILOE plan for one or two years.

5. Choose the payment frequency and check the ‘terms and conditions’ box.

6. Click ‘Pay now,’ enter your email address for the insurance certificate, proceed to the online payment channel, and provide credit card details.

7. Enter the OTP sent to your registered number to complete the payment.

8. Upon confirmation, receive the insurance certificate via email or download it from your ILOE dashboard.

Using the Mobile App for “UAE Unemployment Insurance” Subscription

UAE Unemployment Insurance

1. Download the App: Begin by downloading the official “UAE Unemployment Insurance” mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (android).

2. Install and Open: After the download is complete, install the app on your mobile device. Open the app to begin the subscription process.

3. Account the creation: When you are a new user, register an account by providing your personal information, such as your Emirates ID or UID number and mobile phone number.

4. Login: After you’ve created your account, log in using your login information, which are often your Emirates ID or UID number and a strong password.

5. Navigate to Subscription Section: Inside the app, locate the subscription or enrollment section. This is usually prominently featured on the app’s main menu.

6. Select Individual or Company: Choose the appropriate category – ‘Individual’ or ‘Company,’ depending on your employment status.

7. Enter Employment Details: Provide your employment details, specifying whether you are a private or federal government employee.

8. Request OTP: Create a one-time password (OTP) request. You will get this OTP to your registered cellphone number.

9. OTP Verification: Enter the OTP you got to authenticate your identity and continue with the subscription process.

10. Review Personal Information: Review the summary of your personal details displayed on the app. Confirm the accuracy by checking the relevant box.

11. Select Subscription Plan: Choose your desired Involuntary Loss of Employment (ILOE) plan based on the period (one or two years) and payment frequency.

12. Terms and Conditions: Please review the terms and conditions provided. Please see box if you are agree.

13. Click ‘Proceed: to Payment’ to finish the subscription procedure.

14. Payment Details: Enter your payment information securely into the app. This normally requires providing your credit or debit card information.

15. Receive Confirmation: Upon successful payment, receive a confirmation within the app. You will may receive an email confirmation.

16. Download Insurance Certificate: Access your ILOE dashboard within the app to download your insurance certificate. This paper is confirmation that you have enrolled in the UAE Unemployment Insurance scheme.

By following these steps on the mobile app, you may easily register to the UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme, providing financial security in unexpected circumstances.

Signing up for “UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme” over the phone

  1. Dial 600 599 555 and gather essential details like labor card and Emirates ID numbers.
  2. Please provide the agent your contact information, Emirates ID number, date of birth, and labor card number.
  3. Determine your payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly) and category (A or B) based on your wage.
  4. Receive payment details from the agent and make the payment through the ILOE payment portal.
  5. Upon successful payment, receive a confirmation email with the insurance certificate. Download and retain it as proof of enrollment. Ensure timely payment of insurance installments.

FAQs for “UAE Unemployment Insurance”

The “UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme” pays Emiratis and residents who lose their jobs due to employer cutbacks in both the governmental and private sectors.

Visit, click ‘Subscribe,’ choose ‘Individual,’ sign in with Emirates ID, complete OTP, select plan, and pay. Receive insurance certificate via email or download from the dashboard.

Download the UAE Unemployment Insurance app, create/login to account, navigate to subscription, select ‘Individual,’ enter employment details, complete OTP, review and confirm, proceed to payment, and receive confirmation.

Yes, dial 600 599 555, provide essential details, choose payment frequency and category, receive payment details, make payment, and get confirmation with the insurance certificate.

Your passport number ensures secure and accurate verification, aligning with the UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme’s commitment to integrity.


In a time of unpredictability, the “UAE unemployment insurance” plan serves as a beacon of financial and social security. Understanding the registration procedure and adhering to requirements is critical. By using your passport number and following the instructions in this article, you may confidently navigate the system, providing a safety net for unexpected twists in your career journey.

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